> 07/03/18-Night Before the 4th Parade, Randolph

> 07/04/18-Independence Day

> 07/15/18-SEC Meeting, Location TBA, MA, 1pm

July 2018

> 08/04/18-U.S. Coast Guard Birthday

> 08/08/17-08/12/17-National Convention in Orlando, FL

> 08/14/18-V.J. Day

August 2018

> 09/03/18-Labor Day (1st Monday after 1st Sunday in September)

> 09/16/18-SEC Meeting, Location TBA, 1pm

> 09/17/18-Constitution Day

> 09/18/18-U.S. Air Force Birthday

> 09/21/18-POW/MIA Day (3rd Friday in September)

> 09/30/18-Gold Star Mother’s Day (Last Sunday in September)

September 2018

> 10/08/18-Columbus Day (2nd Monday in October)

> 10/12/18-U.S. Navy Birthday

> 10/31/18-Halloween

October 2018

> 11/01/18-All Saints Day

> 11/04/18-Veterans Day Observances at Bourne National Veterans Cemetery in Bourne, MA

> 11/10/18-U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

> 11/11/18-Veteran’s Day

> 11/18/18-SEC Meeting, Location TBA, 1pm

> 11/22/18-Thanksgiving Day

> 11/22/18-Post 208 Thanksgiving Home Alone, 11am

November 2018

> 12/07/18-Pearl Harbor Day

> 12/15/18-Bill of Rights Day

> 12/25/18-Christmas Day

> 12/25/18-Post 208 Christmas Home Alone, 11am

> 12/31/18-New Years Eve

December 2018

> 01/01/19-New Years Day

> 01/20/19-SEC Meeting, Location TBA, 1pm

> 01/21/19-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 2019

> 02/01/19-Freedom Day

> 02/02/19-Groundhog Day

> 02/12/19-Lincoln’s Birthday

> 02/14/19-Valentine’s Day

> 02/20/19-Presidents Day (3rd Monday)

> 02/22/19-Washington’s Birthday

February 2019

This list also included events sponsored by the Squadrons’ Posts and their Auxiliaries, as well as Department level functions.  This list also includes religious and patriotic holidays.  Members of the AMVETS Family who wish me to add any other holidays or events to the calendar should email me at

Below is a list of upcoming events for the Department and Local Squadrons.

> 03/17/19-St. Patrick’s Day

> 03/19/19-SEC Meeting, Location TBA, 11am for pictures

March 2019

> 04/01/18-April Fools’ Day

> 04/16/18-Patriots’ Day (3rd Monday in April)

> 04/22/18-Earth Day (4th Sunday in April)

April 2018
May 2018

> 05/01/18-Loyalty Day

> 05/09/18-Victory in Europe Day

> 05/11/18-Military Spouses Day (Friday before Mother’s Day)

> 05/13/18-Mothers Day (2nd Sunday in May)

> 05/15/18-Peace Officers Memorial Day

> 05/19/18-Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday in May)

> 05/27/18-Memorial Day Observances at Bourne National Veterans Cemetery in Bourne, MA

> 05/28/18-Memorial Day

> 06/06/18-06/10/18–22nd State Convention, Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, MA

> 06/14/18-Flag Day

> 06/14/18-U.S. Army Birthday

> 06/17/18-Fathers’ Day (3rd Sunday in June)

June 2018