Committees are used by the State to handle much of our business in a more involved manner.  If you would like to be on one of the State’s Standing Committees, please contact the State Commander.

State Committees

The Executive Board consists of all of the Elected Officers and the Immediate Past Commander.  They manage the Department between meetings of the Executive Committee.

Chairman: David Prescott, Commander

Executive Board

The Finance Committee consists of 6 members, and includes the Finance Officer, Commander, First Vice Commander, Judge Advocate, and the Immediate Past Commander and Finance Officer.

Chairman: David Spencer, Finance Officer

Finance Committee

The Honors and Awards Committee consists of the Commander, First Vice Commander, Second Vice Commander and Immediate Past Commander.  It meets annually, usually sometime in May.

Chairman: David Prescott, Commander

Honors and Awards Committee

The CBL Committee meets as needed to discuss any needed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws or our Standing Rules.

Chairman: Floyd Francis, Judge Advocate

CBL Committee

Members: David Prescott, Scott Soucy

Members: Scott Soucy, Mark Serpis, Steven Dugan

Members: Scott Soucy, Mark Serpis, Jimmy Jones, Michael Bruno, David Spencer, Floyd Francis, Steve Dugan

Members: David Prescott, Scott Soucy, Floyd Francis, James Flanigan, Steve Dugan